New music: Usher featuring Pitbull - DJ got us fallin' in love

Usher featuring Pitbull - DJ got us fallin' in love | New music
Usher must have his Eagle eye on Korea, because a dude is re-releasing his latest album and a brand new single with a quickness I've not witnessed from anybody but those signed to SM entertainment. The new set is set to drop in September and will be preceded by the Max Martin produced "DJ got us fallin' in love". I had no idea Usher had even hit the studio with Max Martin! I can't say I'm surprised. Max the 'it guy' again, his songs top charts, R&B and Pop lines are becoming ever more blurred, and Ursh did hit the studio back when with RedOne to record a couple of straight up Pop records ("DJ got us fallin' in love" sounds more RedOne than it does Max Martin). I find it funny how Usher makes comments about the value of R&B all the while he seems to be riding shotgun on that Pop wagon.

Listen: DJ got us fallin' in love

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I would rock to this in a club. But it sounds the like the dozen other songs the DJ would probabaly play either side of it from the likes of Akon, Taio Cruz, Jay Sean and Jason Derulo - all of whom have recorded at least one song with this sound. Max Martin came correct with the production as he always does, and Usher sounds great, as does Pitbull - but the song is forgettable. "OMG" was the same deal, so I guess this'll be going number 1 too. I wouldn't be surprised if a remix leaked with Justin Bieber just to secure the success.


  1. Usher and Pitbull can sit the fuck down, but Max Martin blew me away with that production. DAMN.

    It's funny, but whenever I hear anything he produces lately, my mind goes straight to Britney - he better crank up the hotness to 11 for her.


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