Single arts: Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon / Blossom

Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon / Blossom | Single art Ayumi Hamasaki - Blossom / Moon | Single art

I am so sick and tired of this woman looking like a sex doll in every picture. And what's with her f**king mouth!? Open it, or close it. Why purse it like a baby who is about to spit something up? It's not cute. It's not pretty. It's scary. If you woke up and you saw her face lying next to you, you'd reach for some Lynx and spray a bitch in her eye and then kick her ass out the bed. And then spray her some more whilst she's on the floor tangled up in them duvet covers.

Ayumi Hamasaki had mentioned that she'd never really done a cover shoot like this before. That's of course a robot faced lie. She's been pulling these horrid faces on covers for a good while now. The only thing that changes are the dresses.

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