Single arts: Namie Amuro - Break it / Get myself back

Namie Amuro - Break it [CD + DVD] | Single art Namie Amuro - Get myself back [CD + DVD] | Single art
Namie Amuro - Break it [CD] | Single art Namie Amuro - Get myself back [CD] | Single art

I love that Japanese single arts have more effort put into them (most of the time) than the west. But I hate the inconsistencies with them. I know that "Break it" and "Get myself back" are two different songs, but there's nothing connecting the two in terms of the shots used or the font. They're depicting two completely different Namie's who look like they're from entirely different era's in her career!

I'm all about consistency with single and album arts. I'm not sure why a lack of it bothers me so much, but it does. In Japan's case, it's possibly because nothing concerning how an album will look visually or conceptually is decided upon until nearer an albums' release. And as us J-Pop lovers know: singles drop long before an album it appears on, sometimes up to a year. So unless an artist has a particular logo or signature font they use all the time, there's going to be no consistencies what-so-ever with the single arts and the album art. The only artist which comes to mind who managed to keep her shit in line is MiChi. All of her Up to you singles shared the same typeset and similar looks.

I kinda deviated there for a sec. Sorry 'bout that! Namie looks nice on all of these covers. But "Get myself back" is my fave. She looks more like a grown sexy woman, as opposed to a woman trying to look like a sexy 20 year old. She is workin' them shoes though. And I still would. Namie is a MILF non-stop. Plain and simple.


  1. Namie doesn't drop an album once a year like those other foot draggin' bitches on Avex so I'm surprised we're getting material so soon, but from the Amuro Album timeline, we're not seeing this new album until 2012 or so.

    I still don't really understand Japan's single releases. If its Two A-Sides, shouldn't that be one cover? One for CD only and one for CD+DVDmerit two covers.Why are there four different covers? Is she going full on Ayu and releasing this in 4 or 5 versions?

    I still can't full on approve of these, but I love Namie so I'll make do. I hate that Break It font so much though <.<


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