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BoA - Hurricane Venus | New music
BoA's single "Hurricane venus" has leaked in full, and BoA doesn't so much as blow other K-Pop bitches' songs out of the water as she does plain blow with this shit.

Listen: Hurricane Venus

Hurricane Venus
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I'm not in love with this song. In fact, I think it's crap. It sounds like a cross between a Super Junior track and something lifted from her US debut album. The song just doesn't go anywhere. It will probably come off a heck of a lot better with the music video and when BoA performs it live. But going on just the song itself, I think it's rubbish. You can hear the kind of feel SM were going for with this: a big semi-epic synth anthem that BoA can swag to. But the song just doesn't go anywhere and BoA is lost in all of the auto-tune and over production. Only towards the end when she starts to ad-lib void of the vocal processing does she start to come through and does the song start to get a bit more likeable. But by that point, it's already too late.

"Hurricane Venus" does not have a damn thing on "Game", which won me over on a first listen and was everything I needed from a BoA single at this point.

I made a bet the song would have wind blowing in the intro and feature auto-tune. I'm going to say that the sound at the start of the song is of wind blowing, but the producers auto-tuned it (nothing is safe). BoA's vocals are of course auto-tuned to hell and back. And the song plain blows in itself. Sorry Sarah. No J20 for you I'm afraid.


  1. OMG! are you serious?! This is HOT lol
    I Love game but this is awsome and i know it's gonna be huge, listen to this and then Woo Weekend ~_~

    Can't wait to see it with the video it's gonna be awsome ^_^

  2. "Sorry Sarah. No J20 for you I'm afraid."

    *Prays to self that RJ has cheap taste in beer* XD

  3. ARGH!

    Someone should slap BoA's manager and tell them BoA needs to do something amazing/original/cool/innovative or else BoA's career is bleh.

    Here to me hoping HURRICANE VENUS sells at least past 50,000.

    BoA hasn't sold past 100,000 copies since...2008 with THE FACE.

  4. @FUTURESTARdelux
    Each to their own buddy. But I think the song is whack. It'll serve its purpose because it has that 'BoA's back!' kinda sound. And her Korean fans are SO grateful to have her back, that she could have released a Korean version of "I did it for love" and "Energetic" (both of which are no worse or better than "Hurricane Venus") and they'd still be happy. I just think the song could have been better. It's not memorable at all, and nowehre near as infectious as the gems SM gave Super Junior and Girls' generation for their comebacks. "Hurricane Venus" is no "Sorry, sorry", "Tell me your wish (Genie)" or "Run Devil run" - a song which I think BoA would have sounded pretty hot on. SM should have kept it under wraps and saved it for her if anything.

    If truth be told, I don't really like beer anyway. I would say your prayers are answered, but I'll drink beer if it's going cheap on a night out and I'm in the mood to get a little big legless. And will never turn a beer down which somebody else has bought for me :P

    We'll have to see. Albums don't sell like mad in Korea how they do in markets like the US, the UK and Japan (possibly a reason SM kept her hustling there non stop for so long). So I wouldn't expect her to do Japanese studio album sales figures. Although given this is her first Korean album in 5 years, it may end up being he biggest seller since No. 1. Again...we'll have to see :)

  5. Ha ha! Fair enough, still a deal's a deal. So name the drink and I'll send it in a gift basket wrapped in a pretty pink bow or something :D


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