New music: JoJo - In the dark

JoJo - In the dark | New music
Fans have been hearing about this "In the dark" joint and its accompanying video for a good while. And whilst we're still waiting on the video, we finally get to hear the song which features on JoJo's first official mixtape release.

Listen: In the dark

Can't take that away from me
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I can't believe a chick is throwing this out for a damn mixtape release. This shit is single material as far as I'm concerned. It's like Madonna's "Justify my love" rolling through the hood with Bryan Michael-Cox calling shotgun and Ryan Leslie kickin' it in the back. The chorus is hauntingly sexy and the beat knocks hard. I can't even hate on the use of the auto tune, because it sets the song off nicely.

If this is what JoJo's bringing for a mixtape, then All I want is everything must have some serious goods.

JoJo's debut mixtape drops on September 7, and I can't wait!


  1. I seriously can't get enough of this song lol
    I was expecting something like "too little too late" 2.0 but this completely took me by supprise (in a good way).
    Don't get me wrong i love all her huge songs and stuff but this is amazing and shows that she is progressing as an artist and unnafraid to try new things.
    The beat goes hard and i love the autotune on the "i only know him in the dark" bit, this song is sexy and spooky and i love it.


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