New music: Kanye West featuring Beyoncé & Charlie Wilson - See me now

Kanye West featuring Beyoncé & Charlie Wilson - See me now | New music
I was wondering when the hell Kanye and Beyoncé would do something together. I mean properly together. Not that copy and pasted "Ego" (Remix) crap. I'm shocked it took this long. Then again, Lady Gaga and Alicia already tried to pimp the ho, so I guess Kanye fancied a go whilst the Beyondroid is charging her batteries.

Listen: See me now

Dark twisted fantasy
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This song most certainly plays up to the positive vibe of the album that Kanye was ranting on about to Rolling stone magazine a week ago. It gives me The college dropout vibes, and I love that album, so this is alright with me

As for Beyoncé, I feel the song could have done without her. Charlie Wilson did the damn thing, but Beyoncé felt unnecessary - as though she was put on the track just because she is Beyoncé. Compare this shit to "Bring me down" from The late registration, where featuring artist Brandy absolutely made that song. Shit could not have worked without her. That's how B should have been rolling with his. I can't wait to see the inlay notes for this track. You know damn well B. Knowles will be listed as a writer, a co-producer and a sound engineer.


  1. When i first heard this i wasn't feeling it but hearing it again i like it. you know most people were going off at Charlie Wilson but i agree with you that he fitted and B did ok but she didn't really bring anything special.
    It sounds so strange hearing B say "my ni**** is home" too it's just not her :P lol
    I'm wondering what Kanye is gonna do for the next singles video, i heard he's gonna do a long vid but i'm still pissed that we didn't get a full "Power" video.


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