New music: Kelly Rowland - Forever and a day

Kelly Rowland - Forever and a day | New music
The mess with Kelly Rowland's singles continues. A new track has surfaced titled "Forever and a day", which will serve as the follow up to "Commander". And unlike "Shake them haters off", "Grown woman" and "Rose coloured glasses" - I can get on board with this song being a single. It's pure Euro dance inflicted correctness.

Listen: Forever and a day (Radio rip)

Kelly Rowland's third studio album
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Kelly sings the shit out of this song. I love it. I've been sat listening to this over and over thinking to myself how Kelly runs circles around the beat and takes it places vocally I didn't even know she could. "Forever and a day" has definite hit potential. If she drops a hot video and some strong performances, there's no reason she couldn't have a number 1 hit across Europe with this.


  1. This is awsome, the singles situation isn't that bad though. There are gonna be 2 versiona on the album noe the US version (singles Grown Woman & Rose coloured glasses) and the international edition (commander, forever and a day).

    Hopefully the video is hot and this is a hit for her, if you like this you should check out Sophie Ellis bextors song with Armen Van Buuren "Not Giving Up On Love".

  2. Nice song. I love the Euro dance/Europop style, so I'm biased.

  3. im not holding my breath for this bitch, my faith in her career died long before she even released ms. kelly

  4. @Mr. Wonderful I am. I know she'll find overseas success and do an amazing job in America.


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