New music: Sky Ferreira - Obsession

Sky Ferreira - Obsession | New music
Young pop starlet Sky Ferreira is set to make her US debut with the Ryan Tedder produced "Obsession". It took me a while to register anything other than: Holy f**k, Ryan Tedder didn't resort to giving the chick another "Halo" knock off!! the whole time I was listening to the song.

Listen: Obsession

Sky Ferreira's debut album
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Sky sounds great. But the song lacks that special something that makes me want to really like it. And it does nothing to set Sky apart from the likes of Katy Perry - who I could imagine singing this song.

"Obsession" doesn't have a thing on her European single "One" in my opinion. I f**king love that song. It's so damn 80's and different from everything else that's playlisting on the mainstream at the moment. Although I can understand why "Obsession" was chosen for the US markets. It'll latch onto it more than it would a single like "One" - which is rather niche and very UK and Euro friendly.

I'm looking forward to what Sky has to offer for her January slated debut album. She seems like a real genuine girl with something special to offer aside from the same ol', same ol'.


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