New music: Cheryl Cole - Promise this

Cheryl Cole - Promise this | New music
A new series of The X-Factor is underway, so naturally Cheryl has a new single ready to drop. I guess we can expect annual releases from this musically talentless woman from here on out for as long as she continues to be a judge on The X-Factor.

Listen: Promise this

Cheryl Cole's second studio album
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This song see's Cheryl tapping into the Girls aloud sound, which means this is already destined to sit nicely within the top 10. Cheryl can't sing for shit. But at the very least she comes through stronger on this song than she did on "Fight for this love", where the miscellaneous black women providing the backing vocals were more audible on the song than she was.

"Promise this" isn't a bad song. It'll get old within 72 hours, but the production is tight. It would have been hotter in the hands of another artist though. Lady Gaga comes to mind. The "Alouette" chant is right up her alley. The Forehead could have done a hot job of this song also come to think of it.


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