New music: Rihanna - Only girl (in the world)

Rihanna - Only girl (in the world) | New music
Didn't this Kingon ho only release "Te amo" last week, and already she has a new single out from a brand new album!? All the while Mariah and Janet struggled to get a second single out at Def Jam, The Forehead just throws them out like scraps of bread for pidgeons.

The Forehead keeps it moving once again with Stargate, who seem to do no wrong by her. I'll sit here and act like they had nothing to do with "Wait your turn" or the atrocity that is "Only girl (in the world)" - because "Rude boy" and "Don't stop the music" were killer.

Listen: Only girl (in the world)

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When I first pressed play, I was rocking my head like Oooo, I'm feelin' this! And then the chorus kicked in and broke the deal. I love the way the song bounces during the verses, but the chorus is awful.

I'll be checking out The Forehead's new album, but I'm really not liking its lead single. It is a smash though. The one part of the song I can't stand is probabaly the part everybody else is in love with.


  1. I like it, I like it all.

    She prolly swiped this from one of Kelly Rowland's sessions lmao.

    She would've murdered this.

  2. The verses and the chorus just doent flow together all that well, that's the problem!!
    I love the verses cause it reminds me of 'sexy bitch'

    It a smash though!

  3. I actually love it, on first listen i was like "eh..." but it gets stuck in your head! lol
    Annother no1 for Rihanna? i think so.


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