New music: Willow Smith - Whip my hair

Willow Smith - Whip my hair | New music
Will Smith's daughter has a song out, and it's about hair. So she's already coming with more intellectual subject matters in songs than half the bitches on radio at the moment.

Listen: Whip my hair

Willow Smith's debut studio album
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Can somebody please tell me how the hell a 9 year old girl is rolling with better vocals and more swagger for a lead single than chicks like C-Error and The Forehead have amassed after 5 years in the game?

I'm keeping this shit realer than the hair of the women who whip: "Whip my hair" is a banger. I've got no hair, but I was still whipping my shit to this.


  1. .... I honestly thought she was just like any other 20 something girl. O_O

    talk about legacy lol. house full of gifts

  2. Are the Smiths the new Jacksons? Willow is probably one of those artists I'll resist for a long time and love once the hype dies down, lol.

  3. I'm over this now, the Smiths (except Will) are the most annoying fame whores ever.


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