Single art: Christina Aguilera - I hate boys

Christina Aguilera - I hate boys | Single art
I'm not 100% sure if this is official or not, but it's floating around as the single cover for Christina's International single "I hate boys". She hates boys, I hate the song. If "Not myself tonight" saw Christina getting compared to Lady Gaga, then she can expect to have Britney and Katy Perry's name to be thrown around at her when this song drops.

I can understand why Christina is going with "I hate boys" as a single, because it's just straight up pop and will probably get a good bunch of spins on mainstream radio - as well as crazed drunk girls dancing in circles to this shit and sweating out their New look dresses in the clubs. But I personally think there are a good couple of other songs on Bionic which would make better singles. Namely "Glam", "Desnudate" and of course "Woohoo". All of which could cut across mainstream and Urban radio with ease. What, even "Glam"? you ask. Yes. All because of that filthy ass bassline.

Give it a read: Bionic album review


  1. ugh you speak the truth! any of those tracks would be much better than "i hate boys." the clubs don't even spin her singles, i always hear "glam" and "woohoo" more than the stuff she's released! there are more than enough remixes of both of those songs floating around the net for her to comission them and put out a remix album that would do better than the initial release!

  2. The artwork looks like it's been made by a fan or something so i'm not buying into it.
    I think the best thing for XTina to do is to make sure Burlesque is a success and then get back into the studio with some hit making producers and come back strong at the end of 2010 or early 2011 nobody is checking for Bionic sadly.


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