New music: Hikaru Utada - Hymne à l'amour ~Ai no anthem~

New music: Hikaru Utada - Hymne à l'amour ~Ai no anthem~ | New music
Hikaru Utada tries her hand at French in her new song, as if English and Japanese mastery isn't enough. Don't you just hate this bitch!? No, of course you don't. It's Hikaru Utada! What's to hate!? (Haters siddown and don't answer that. Not tonight).

I honestly didn't think I'd like this song as much as I do, but I love it. It's a nice change from what everybody else is putting out right now.

Listen: Hymne à l'amour ~Ai no anthem~

Single collection vol. 2
© 2010 EMI music Japan

There are very few contemporary chart artists today who would have the balls to release a song like this. The fact that Hikaru has is part of why I admire her so much as an artist.

Despite being wholly jazzy and also being a cover, it's still distinctly Hikaru Utada; which is what I love about the song. Just goes to show how strong and unique her sound is. I've been spinning the loungy inflected "Me muero" quite a bit as a result of this song.

Thanks a million to U.Blog for sending me this. You made my night!


lilithdarkstorm said…
I like Utada's voice (as always). I like how happy she sounds. I like hows she's trying new genres (jazz). I like it's a mix of French and Japanese. But I think the song is a tad too long. It kinda ends up a bit messy at times for me. Either way though, the song isn't bad and as you said, not all artists try this sort of thing.
teaPaRk said…
yes miss Utada really liking the tune reminds me of bayonettas (fly me to the rmoon climax remix)jazzy feel..her voice seems to suite every genra of music, i didnt get single coll 1 but im defo getting this :)
Junlee said…
I didn't like the song...until that switch up around 2:55 which completely had my head moving.

It is too long, though.