New music: Mariah Carey - Oh Santa!

Mariah Carey - Oh Santa | New music
Mariah's giving the Christmas thing a shot. Seeing as nobody cared about her giving the pop and R&B chart a shot, and even less cared about an album of remixes. This is the first single taken from her second festive release Merry Christmas II you. With a title like that, I feel like she should do a collabo with Boyz II Men. I just do. That dude with the deep voice is gone, but pitch correction can replace his ass.

Listen: Oh Santa!

Merry Christmas II you
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Miming Mimi was never going to come better than "All I want for Christmas is you". But at least a ho tried, and "Oh Santa!" is a great effort. The Motowny vibe of the production is nice, and Mariah's pitch correction assisted whistle sounds hot.

Now let's all wait on the music video where Mimimg Mimi will be laying on a couch in front of a fire place wearing the tightest red dress with a white fur trim, and the titties spread out all over the place looking like somebody just dropped a Turkey face down.


  1. Haha! I'm rolling at the pitch correction comment.

    But, when this leaks, it'll go really nicely with my Joe, Hiromi, and Crystal Kay Christmas-themed EPs.

  2. This did nothing but annoy me. The constant jingling bells and pace of the song was wearing thin.

    Usually Christmas songs get me in the Christmas mood and this did nothing for me. Maybe in a couple months.

  3. I like it although the whictle note was annoying, it sounded like JoJo's whistle in "Too Little Too Late" but in that song the pitch correction thing fitted in with the sound of the song.
    Can't wait for Christmas now lol Mariah's voice is just part of Christmas to me lol


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