New music: Nadine - Put your hands up

When previews of Nadine's album made their way on line, the one song which stuck out for me was "Put your hands up". With the release of Nadine's debut solo album imminent, the track has leaked in full. And all I can say is: single.

Listen: Put your hands up

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This song shits on everything Cheryl Cole has and will release in her talentless lifetime, and trumps 90% of the crap Girls aloud released. We all knew Nadine had the best voice in Girls aloud from day one. But it's reaffirmation that vocally she can hold her own for a whole entire song, and work the ad-libs and backing vocals like she's been solo for her whole career. Which she pretty much has. It's her vocals which made all of Girls aloud's songs anyway.

"Put your hands up" is a great sounding song, which should be considered for a single.


FUTURESTARdelux said…
This song is F*****G AMAZING! what is it with girls these days releasing boring first singles when they have a ton of amazing songs? (see XTina, Nadine, Charlotte Church etc).

This song is fire and if she makes a good vid that doesn't look just above bargin basement like the "Insatiable" vid does she deserves to have a No1. I seriously can't believe Cheryl Cole is No1 again! Britain is so f****d up...
I'm getting this album, i heard that Nicola (the ginger) is working on a solo album of "indie" music too with some pretty good producers so that should be good, Nadine and Nicola are the best (possibly only) singers in GA although Nicola is very underused.
Random J said…
Nadine actually shut it down with this song. If she put on some damn weight, learned to move and shot a hot video for this song, she may just go places.