New music: Rihanna featuring Drake - What's my name?

Drake announced he's worked with The Forehead, and a mere couple of weeks later the end result surfaces! Drake doesn't put that much of a stamp on the song to the point where he makes or breaks it. He's just...there. He could have done with a second set of bars in the latter half of the song. Penning some decent lyrics wouldn't have gone amiss neither. As the song stands, I think it would have been better without him. A version without him does exist. So when that drops, it'll be my version of preference.

Listen: What's my name?

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The song is pretty much the lyrics to "Rude boy" set to a backdrop which shares musical similarities of "Te amo" and also "Rude boy" itself. No surprise, given Ester Dean and Stargate teamed up again to give The Forehead the goods. I like this though. It's familiar enough to latch onto instantly, and would make a good single. And vocally, The Forehead holds out nicely.