New music: Sky Ferreira - Elevator

Sky fell off with "Obsession", which I thought was complete and utter crap thanks to Ryan Tedder's tired production. But Sky's latest drop has her back with studio wizards Bloodshy & Avant. And as with "One", this is on some old skool electro pop crack which has me anticipating that debut album.

Listen: Elevator

Sky Ferreira's debut album
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Rumour has it this was offered to Britney at some point. If that's the case, I'm think during Blackout perhaps. This song would have fit right on that album. Regardless, Sky has herself a hot song. I love this shit completely. The production is spot-on, as Bloodshy & Avant's works have been 90% of the time as of late. These guys do not know how to twiddle knobs badly.