New music: Crystal Kay - Hold on

I posted this song back when a ragged rip of it leaked online. I was going to just update the post with a high quality version of the song. But figured I'd dedicate a new post to it instead, given that the song more than deserves it. And even though this is just some lil' ol' blog, Crystal still needs all the damn help she can get to push units. Because in the words of Tesco: "Every little helps" a bitch.

Listen: Hold on

Journey ~Kimi to futari de~
© 2010 Epic records, Sony BMG music entertainment Japan

I don't think "Hold on" is strong enough to be a single. But that does not detract from what a good song this is. Not only is it catchy and heartfelt, but Crystal's vocals shine. She slays established acts in the States with this shit. I think "Hold one" displays one of Crystal'strongest vocal performances since "Kitto eien ni" because she really goes for the bigger notes and plays around with her range. It's a shame the song features as a B-side to a single that only 10 people have probably bought, and that Sony Japan continue to embargo their artists from iTunes.


  1. Took 'em damn near long enough to release this song in HQ. It sounds beautiful... reminds me of the aura I felt when I listened to "Victoria". I can't say I'm a fanatic, though.

  2. *refrains from post about how that picture should have been the Spin the Music album cover*

  3. I prefer the LQ leak because it had this sound like she was in a tunnel singing or something and it made me think of her on a or something like "hold ooooon" there was an echo kind of sound with it.
    Great song though, one of my favourites from her.

  4. I'm happy to hear this song in HQ, but the music overshadows Crystal's vocals. In the Lq version Crystal Vocals stood out a lot more.

  5. j, come on now. the single didn't sell ten copies.
    it sold 396.


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