New music: Hikaru Utada - Goodbye happiness

If Hikaru doing jazz to dancing Pepsi bottles wasn't quite your thing, then perhaps "Goodbye happiness" will tickle your fancy.

I have to confess; I wasn't sure of this song at first. But once the bridge section came in, it was just nothing but love.

Listen: Goodbye happiness

Single collection vol. 2
© 2010 EMI music Japan

This song is so distinctly Hikaru Utada. It sounds like an amalgamation of songs spanning her whole entire Japanese career thus far. A little bit of First love, some Distance, smatterings of Deep river, sprinkles of Ultra blue and hints of Heart station. Quite fitting for a single collection release, even if the particular single collection this song features on is not a career retrospective one.

Even though "Goodbye happiness" is lighter in tone than "Hikari" / "Simple & clean" and "Passion" / "Sanctuary", the melancholic vibe which underlies it song brought Kingdom Hearts to mind - particularly the intro and the chorus.

Two new songs in, and Hikaru is serving aces and slaying bitches like it's nothing.


  1. Very much the shit. Love it. As you say, the bridge is what really kills it.

    And I can't wait to hear what Utada does for KH3. After Birth by Sleep, I need that game in my life more than ever.

  2. yes sir!!! on point this is! it's been on repeat the last hour....i'm totally living it. this woman gives me positively everything i need in music...dare i say my love for her nearly surpasses my adoration of beyonce and britney!

  3. LOVE IT! i thought "hymn lamour" was good but it didn't have that special something (maybe because it's a cover) but this is the s**t!
    It's Utada all over and i love it so much! the only bad thing is that 5 songs won't be enough ~_~ i need a full album!!!! :(

    Is it confirmed that she's doing the KH3 theme?

  4. @ FUTURESTARdelux
    Nope. No confirmation that she is or she isn't. But as I said before - it would be perfect timing for her 'comeback'. Especially seeing as Kingdom Hearts III probably won't release for a couple of years anyway. And with it being a one off song, there'd be no obligation for her to record an album either.

    I don't think at this point Square Enix could ask anybody else but Hikaru to bless a Kingdom Hearts game with a theme, given how her themes are synonymous with the games now.

  5. Kingdom Hearts without Utada wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts.

  6. She better do the song, that would be like a star in the otherwise empty night sky of her hiatus.

    Kingdom Hearts always brings out the best in her ^_^

  7. hey, but didnt utada state that she wont be the theme singer of any KH games anymore? (source:wikipedia and khinsider)


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