New music: Keri Hilson - The way you love me

After 2 singles that nobody gave a fart about, Keri has a third single slated for the run up to her album that will blatantly get pushed back - because frankly, nobody really cares about it.

Keri's new single "The way you love me" is about being sprung on how good a dudes' loving is. And I for one would love to know what Keri's mother thinks about her daughter shouting out how good a n***a f**ks her. Yep. Keri drops F-bombs all over the muthaf**king place. Press play.

Listen: The way you love me

No boys allowed
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This is a mess. But it's a mess that bangs HARD! By no means is this an amazing song. But it has a great deal more impact than "Breaking point" and "Pretty girl rock". Even if it is purely because the song is loud and Keri shouts about how she loves the way a guy f**ks her. But to give the song more credit than that, it IS a certified club banger which I find hard to sit still to when I play it. Although Keri will need something a bit more mainstream friendly if she wants a hit. Because "The way you love me" is way too hood, too dark and too grimy to get spins on prime-time radio.


  1. Somebody (namely her mom) needs to slap the shit outta her for this. It's not sexy. And Keri can be sexy just because of how hot she is. It's only redeeming factor is the banging beat, but the song is garbage.

  2. Yuck, absolutely terrible. And this from a song writer?


  4. Another person on the internet who doesn't know the difference between "hating" and "disliking".

    If Keri Hilson was actually successful in the music industry and I was just talking bad about her for no reason, then I would be hating.

  5. This is like trying to have sex wit somebody as they scream abuse in your face X_X LOL


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