New music: Rihanna - S&M + Cheers (Drink to that) + Raining men (featuring Nicki Minaj) + Complicated

The Forehead's album is around the corner, and it's springing leaks. Strange considering neither of her past albums managed to leak in this fashion. I guess this is what happens when people want your album badly. Or you're Ciara and Kelly Rowland and nobody cares enough about you to keep your shit password protected on a MacBook.

Listen: S&M

Listen: Cheers (Drink to that)

Listen: Raining men

Listen: Complicated

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"Cheers (Drink to that)" is a complete change of pace for the producers behind the song: The Runners. I would have loved for them to have given the Forehead one of their signature bangers, but "Cheers" is cool for what it is, and the production is solid. "Raining men" kills the snare line that has been imitated, jacked and dragged through dirt ever since Bangladesh unleashed "A Milli". I should tear the song a new one. But I really am a sucker for these throwaway hood bangers. Plus, it features Nicki Minaj who takes her limited number of bars and just takes over the whole song with 'em. "Complicated" showcases some really strong vocals from The Forehead. Vocals which I'm sure she'll completely cleave to piece live. But the song is nice. "S&M" took a while to grow on me, but when it did, I was sold. The song has mad single potential. It's easily one of Loud's strongest cuts. It's almost redemption from Stargate after the mess that is "Only girl (in the world)". And it bangs pretty hard too. Gay clubs will be all over this shit whether it becomes a single or not. Although her sounding like Justin Bieber does kill the sexy ever so slightly.

I've heard the snippets of The Forehead's forthcoming album Loud, and I can't say I'm impressed. I will of course wait for the album to drop and listen to it in full before passing judgement. But based on the snippets, the singles and the leaks - this album doesn't sound any better than her last two. In fact, I think it sounds weaker. Nothing jumps out and screams HIT like her past albums did. But I'll save my rant for my full album review once I've heard The Forehead's offering in its entirety.


  1. California King Bed is GREAT !!!!!
    Listen to that one ;)


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