Special edition: JoJo - The in-between

JoJo recorded a slew of material for her oft-delayed-probably-won't-ever-see-the-light-of-day-album All I want is everything; some of which made her Can't take that away from me mixtape, some of which didn't.

As not to have all of the songs go to complete waste, I bundled a selection of them together for and appropriately titled it The inbetween. Not every-bodies favourite leaks will be on here. But I'm sure JoJo fans will at least agree, that her leftovers make for a more solid album than what other chicks finalize for their own releases. This features some gems from the young songstress. My fave being "Before we take it there" - which I cannot believe got left off of an album and just leaked like it was nothing worth saving.


  1. I swear, B. Cox (I think it was him) went in on "Before We Take It There". I could see myself making all kinds of promises to JoJo so we could make that next step into bed.

    I was disappointed at the number of Ne-Yo written songs. JoJo doesn't sound good singing Ne-Yo lyrics. Then again, if I had things my way, only Ne-Yo would perform songs written by Ne-Yo. But, then, I wouldn't have a playlist of 350 Ne-Yo songs.

    Another JoJo leftover I like is "Lonely". So good.

  2. "I swear, B. Cox (I think it was him) went in on "Before we take it there"."

    It could only have been B. Cox. *lol* He came overly correct with the production, as he pretty much always does.

    I agree with you about the Ne-Yo deal. I like "No more tears" because JoJo sings the hell out of it. But I always have an issue with how Ne-Yo seems to insist every artist who sings his songs has to sing it EXACTLY like he would. It almost makes you wonder why he bothers giving the song to anybody else in the first place when he may as well have sang it himself.

  3. You're right. It's just that this song struck me as odd because the bassline doesn't come in during the chorus, like typical B. Cox joints. It must be a rough cut.

    & I just don't like how Ne-Yo has the artists throw in his little sound effects. Those should be relative to only his career. Not Rihanna's, not Brandy's, not Mary J. Blige's, and not Mario's.


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