New music: Keri Hilson - Toy soldier

When I heard clips of Keri's No boys allowed album, this was the joint I was waiting to hear in full. And having done so, the song is everything I wanted from it and more. This might just be one of Keri's best songs to date...

Listen: Toy soldier

No boys allowed
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Yes. I'm even willing to put the skankthem of the year which I bump non-stop "The way you love me" aside for this shit. Everything is on point. Keri's vocals, the lyrics, the production: fire! Keri should lobby for this to be a single late into the albums' cycle. If it's promoted right and Keri can pull it off live, she could really win people over with this song, and catch hits in territories who perhaps weren't so hot on her other releases.


  1. Danja killed this one... it's probably his biggest track for a female artist since Nelly Furtado's "Showtime". Crazy joint.

    And, knowing that Keri can do tracks like these, just makes me feel better.


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