Special edition: BoA - Fusion

I don't think BoA's managed to release a single album I've wholeheartedly liked. But every album she has released features a couple of seriously hot songs. So this is a collection of BoA's best bangers from her more recent whorings out in Japan, South Korea and the States. It also features BoA's digital single release "I see me".

  1. Copy & paste
  2. Dress off
  3. Crazy about
  4. Kitten love
  5. Let me
  6. Did ya
  7. No dance, no life
  8. Lazer
  9. Control
  10. Brave
  11. I see me
  12. No more make me sick
  13. White wishes
  14. Eien


  1. Can we have a track listing? I don't want to download songs I may already own.

    Hot cover picture, by the way. What photo shoot is it from?

  2. I've yet to really check out BoA's stuff outside of one or two English songs so I'm downloading it now. Thanks J!


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