Britney ownage

So, it looks like Britney managed to break records with her new single "Hold it against me". The song has hit the number 1 spot in a whopping 15 countries and broken US play records for the most radio spins in a day! With digital sales through the roof, Britney has pretty much secured her spot at the top of the Billboard charts. Clearly that groundwork Britney put in at the start of her career has paid off BIG time. Because she's barely done a thing (pretty much nothing but send a few tweets) in the way of promotion, yet she's crashing servers and breaking records with her new single.

Christina Aguilera is sat somewhere bald. Because Britney done scalped a bitch...again.

As great as it is for her that Britney's enjoying such success, she needs to be showing that appreciation to the fans and proving her 10 years worth in the industry by fixing up her live stage game. Because walking up and down a stage, flicking a ratty weave during a middle eight, and having scantily clad guys push you around in some cart whilst you lip sync is not acceptable. Britney is going to have to throw her stage game back to 2001. There is NO excuse.


  1. I can't stand Britney Spears but even I can say she's had some hot and extremely catchy singles in the past (I hate that I liked "Womanizer" so much). But this one...garbage. Breaking records? Good lord.

    Also, adding to what you were saying about her live game, paying to see her live has to be one of the biggest scams in the music industry. But that's obviously just my opinion.

  2. @R/J you are WRONG for bringing XTina into this ~_~ lol 2011 is a new year, XTina is supposedly working with Jessie J and Alicia Keys on new songs so i'm sure she'll do better with the new album.

    *lip syncs* "If i said i shat on all your faves if i said i put them all in graves if i said i want your wig right now would you #HoldItAgainstMe?"

    Britney has apparently been practicing Choreography for a month so i think she'll definately be above "Circus" standard performances and if you remember that vid of her dancing to "Mannequine" in the studio you know she still has it.

    Also "HIAM" is now No1 on 16 countrie's ITunes and Britney is almost certainly performing at the Grammy's :)

  3. Actually, she's throwing her live game back to 2003. She got Brian Friedman (the choreographer for her Onyx Hotel Tour, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing With The Stars) to do her choreography, and after seeing the footage of the routines he gave her backup dancers, she still has it. I'M SO EXCITED.

  4. @Sylfi, where did you see the footage?! LINK ME!

  5. Well, it WAS on Friedman's YouTube channel, but he removed it for some stupid reason. But here's a picture for you: think Janet from "The Pleasure Principle", but less strutting and more crazy.

  6. HIAM is awesome.

    Britney Spears' new album will be Dance-Pop with heavy major influence from the Dubstep genre (originated from U.K.) which is basically eletronic dance.

    Dubstep sound, try checking out Robyn's songs (U.K. artist).

  7. Robyn isn't really anywhere near dubstep... She's out and out electropop. Besides, she's not from the UK, she's from Sweden.

  8. @Agree with @Sylfi Robyn isn't Dubstep at all (although she is amazing, and Swedish) but if you wanna see some dubstep check out Mt Eden on youtube he does some amazing dubstep remixes, check out his remix of Bat for Lashes "Daniel" that is awsome and his remix of Madonna's "Frozen".


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