New music: Britney Spears - Hold it against me

New Britney. The demo had everybody talking. But now we have the final version of the song to fawn over, hate love and / or have fits over. Not my favourite Britney single. But it's more promising than the demo which leaked, and indeed, a great deal of changes have been made. I will hand it to Max Martin and Dr. Luke for the breakdown. Because boy do they break that shit DOWN!

Listen: Hold it against me

Britney's 7th studio album
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Is Britney actually 'singing' like she has some life in her again!? Bodes well for this new album, as she still sounded like she was on a drip feed of demorol on Circus. But I still hate that her choruses are dominated by miscellaneous backing vocalists and not her, and that she doesn't have much of a presence on the song. Once the breakdown kicks in you kinda forget Britney was ever singing in the first place. Surely Max Martin could have turned Britney's levels up during the chorus, and have pushed for some ad-libs or something!

The song still sounds like a potential leftover from a Ke$ha or a Katy Perry album. But Max 'n Luke give Britney that extra sprinkle in the production to make it pop more than anything they've given their other hoes. "Hold it against me" is produced to perfection for the clubs. And the bassline and breakdown section has secured gay clubs spinning this shit for days. It's almost produced too good to the point where there'd be no point in commissioning remixes of it. But I still feel in lieu of all of this that "Hold it against me" is just generic. And it's far from being one of Britney's most memorable singles. It's no "Gimme more", "I'm a slave 4 U" or "3". But it's still gonna top the charts.


  1. Well said!! Not a 1st single material though!

    That breakdown!!!! I really wish it lasted longer!

    She another hit on her hands

  2. i agree! well said! though generic, it's exactly where mainstream music is now with a britney twist. i think it'll do really well even with people who aren't typical britney fans.

    i thought the same thing about the production, it'll be hard to remix something already so club ready. it's still growing on me, but i like it. brit has no choice but to come hard with the choreography cause that breakdown in FIRE!!!

  3. I love it, it's not a classic like "Toxic" but it's definately better than the shit that's out at the moment and i think the album will probably have more experimental stuff since she's worked with Rusko but the label probably wanted a hit as the first single.


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