New music: Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - On the floor

With her American idol gig being the lifeline to her music career. Jennifer Lopez is back on track with her Love? finally getting a release this year, and a lead single which despite being whack, will gets J.Ho the spins and chart success she is in desperate need of right now.

Listen: On the floor

© 2011 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

Another typical RedOne production which sounds like something Kat Deluna recorded, had shelved by her record label, who then passed it on to a chick in the game with some star power. I like the opening keyboard riff. But that is all. Everything from 15 seconds onwards is just garbage to me.

Britney's already dropped the insanely Euro club ready jam that everywhere will be spinning for the next month. J.Lo can take this "On the floor" crap and sit herself down. She can also tell The Forehead to do the same with "S&M" whilst she's at it.


  1. This song is actually hot, i can't believe she finally came with a hit. The video looks amazing too, JLO is back hoes.


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