May-as-well-be-nude Christina Aguilera photo "leaks"

This picture of Christina Aguilera 'leaked'. And judging from the response this photo is getting on websites, nobody picked up a copy of Bionic (big surprise!) Because if they had, they'd know Christina is wearing more in this picture than she is in the Bionic inlay shots. So this can be filed under 'no big deal' Plus, didn't she wear these classy bits of chains and thread in her "Not myself tonight" video? I bet Christina goes to her local 7-eleven in this shit.

Christina's people are claiming that somebodies laptop got hacked, which is how they acquired the photos. Since when did a users laptop have to be hacked to get pictures!? I'm pretty sure most people just have their shit on their desktop, just one mouse click away from viewing. I'm shocked these dumb celebs have yet to learn the lesson that you do NOT keep arse / tittied / dicked and vagain'd out pictures anywhere!! I do have a couple of pictures of my willy on my phone, but I'm not famous.

I doubt Christina really cares these pictures got out. We've seen her wear less in published photo's. Plus, it's promotion for her in the midst of Lady Gaga and Britney both snatching out her hair pieces.


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