New music: Dawn Richard - Me, myself & Y

All of Dawn's solo songs thus far have sounded VERY Brandy like, which I'm down with. Because I LOVE Brandy. And Dawn works that Brandy vocal game nicely. We won't call her out for jacking a bitches style, because Dawn has gone on the record to say how much she loves Brandy. And when it's spawning songs as hot as this, it's hard to hate.

Listen: Me, myself & Y

The prelude to #atelltaleheart
© 2011

Great song. Loving the sound, the vocals and the lyrics. Hot on all fronts.

Dawn is wise to milk the Dirty money cow by putting out solo material now, because she is on seriously borrowed time. Once this Diddy Dirty Money movement stops, her career will grind to a halt. Diddy loses interest in his own artists with the quickness, and will not think twice to drop a bitch like some dirty pampers in a dustbin.


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