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Lady Gaga's new, uberly hyped up single "Born this way" is finally in circulation. The Monsters will of course love it. But will everybody else? Listen for yourself and place your verdicts.

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Born this way
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Absolute rubbish. One of Lady Gaga's worst singles to date. It sounds like a really bad knock off of Madonna's "Express yourself". I like that Lady Gaga tapped into the 90's sound, as I think the 90's will be 'the new sound' that will see a comeback in mainstream music this year. But the song just sounds a boring arse mess. Lady Gaga tried way too hard to pen 'a self acceptance' anthem. The lyrics are so corny and forced. Yes...even more corny than ♪ Cherry, cherry boom boom ♪ and ♪ I wanna take a ride on your disco stick ♪.

Frankly, Dallas Austin did a better job with TLC's "Unpretty" and the Sugababes' "Ugly". And to bring up a name I'm sure will get dragged back up at some point, Linda Perry also did a better job with Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". All of which felt like natural organic heartfelt songs, as opposed to Lady Gaga's which feels contrived. And then there's Madonna's "Express yourself"...

Whilst Lady Gaga probabaly never expected to get love from "The Urban fans", she managed to cross over nicely with "Just dance", "Poker face", "LoveGame" and "Telephone" - all of which got spun on R&B radio and in the clubs. I cannot see Urban radio or R&B and Hip-hop focused clubs playing "Born this way", which will of course limit the rotation the song gets. But Gaga has a hit regardless. And this isn't even factoring in the music video...

And in case anybody asks me: Britney - 1. Gaga - 0. I'll even give Christina an honorary point, because "Not myself tonight" was better than this "Born this way" crap.


  1. couldn't agree with you more

  2. I agree. I was expecting at least something as good as Bad Romance.

  3. She's getting worse with every album, This will probably be a moderate hit since it's the lead single but if the next single is as corny and unoriginal she's gonna flop hard *prays for it to happen*

    We are on the edge of a Gaga free world again! :D

    P.S isn't it hilarious that after all the flack XTina got for the parts of the NMT video that were (intentionally) similar to Madonna's vid that Gaga has basically done a shitty remix of the actual song lol

  4. "And in case anybody asks me: Britney - 1. Gaga - 0."

    yes! that's the thinking!!! as much as i'm a fan of gaga's, i was kinda disappointed by this. it may grow on you but not to the point where it'll be on repeat for the next month and a half. though HIAM was quite good, and born this way not so much, beyonce is probably sittin back waitin in the wings to drop a stunner!

  5. *prays for it to happen*

    This is the kind of childish stuff that makes fans of other artists look bad. You pray for her to flop? Is it not enough to hate on her constantly? What's funny is I remember you being a fan when she first came out.

    My two cents on the song, it's definitely a straight up copy of "Express Yourself". Not very good a very good one, at that. She shouldn't have hyped it up so much. Wonder what she'll do for the video...

  6. Yes @Junlee you're right i was a fan of her when she came out because then she was KINDA original and just made good fun music (and i still like her earky stuff) but along the way she became full of herself and started acting like she is some kind of musical innovator walking around like she was already an icon or something and her interviews became unbearably pretenttious and then the whole cult of Gaga put me off completely.

    I mean i stan for XTina and Britney but i can admit Christina is a bitch and Britney is in droid mode most of the time but Gaga's fans are delusional and it pisses me off that i cant go on any females vid on youtube without having them there saying this person (ANY) is copying mother monster.

    And tbh i am a childish person but IDGAF, her personality is annoying and i'm tired of her swagger jacking Madonna, if i wanted Madonna i's listen to her.

  7. As much as I disagree with hoping for the downfall of others, I agree whole heartedly with FUTURESTARdelux. I feel like Gaga is extremely fake, and every time I see her in an interview I don't get the vibe that she's geunine AT ALL. She tries so hard to be different and like "no other" in the industry, but I feel like she is trying to prolong her fame in doing so. Also, I'm sick of gaga fans claiming that other people are jocking her style especially artists that have been around ten times as long as gaga. I feel like she's just a cher/madonna rip off.


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