Christina Aguilera's mug shot

Damn. Christina just can't catch a break. Her forth studio album bombs so badly it breaks records. Her tour gets cancelled. Her marriage falls to pieces. She puts on weight and gets poked fun at. And now she goes and gets arrested with her current f**k buddy for being under the influence. Oh Chrissy... I guess news of Britney and Lady Gaga both dominating charts and set to shut shit down sales wise with their albums hit a ho hard.

In more positive Christina news, she's been signed on to be a celebrity judge on the forthcoming US TV show The voice alongside Adam Levine and Cee-Lo Green; which is pretty much a spin on American idol and The X factor. Except the show features judges who actually have vocal talent and a career which isn't washed up on some rock somewhere. Although Christina's is pretty damn close. If Chrissy keeps her attitude in check, this gig could be a really good look for her and revive a career I don't think anybody thought would sink to the point at which it has. But if she acts stank and carries on like her shit don't stink (something many fellow stars have openly called her out for) then shit could turn real bad for her.


  1. Ugh... She's obviously going through some serious problems in her persoal life and maybe has a drinking problem (but maybe she just has the money to party every night and does).
    I think she needs to ditch her leech... fuck buddy... hair holder, hit the gym and the studio and get her head in order.
    "Bionic" was a good album for what it was (trying something different to her previous albums) and if she'd actually promoted it more in the US or AT ALL internationally and her team hadn't all had a collective nervous breakdown when "NMT" flopped and released a more season appropriate 2nd single like "Woohoo" then the album could have been salvaged and "Burlesque" was a hit at least.

    This "The Voice" show sounds really cool, apparently as the ame suggests they concentrate more on the vocal ability than looks and sob stories and the judges are all awsome (XTina = Legend, Cee Lo = Amazing, Adam = SO hot) haha
    If she keeps herself in check and comes across well she could be right back on top, look at JLO she had like 3 flop albums and now she's doing great.


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