New music: Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland - What a feeling

Another day, another Kelly Rowland related leak. Whilst our future McDonald's employee of the month Kelly McRowland is riding on that wreckage that is the urban bandwagon, Sleazeball looking Italian DJ Alex Gaudino is prepping the release of his new album Magnificent, with a lead single featuring the lady herself.

Listen: What a feeling

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How the hell does Kelly sound better on these dance records than anything else!? Kelly is reaching for Donna Summer's wig. Donna had best hold onto it for dear life.

I'm not even really into this type of music, but this song sounds a damn ear shot better than the Urban shit of Kelly's that's been leaking. I like it! The melody reminds me a lot of The Jacksons. I can hear traces of "Can you feel it" and "Walk right now" in the bass and the keys.

"What a feeling" will go down like a storm at summer music festivals if the song takes off on radio. I think it's a shame that Universal aren't pushing this sound of Kelly's more, because it does so much more for her than any of the material we've heard which has had her tap back into Pop and R&B. There is so much more consistency with Kelly's dance records. "Commander", "Forever and a day" and now this: all potential smashes on which Kelly sounds great on. Universal need to throw a bitch to the gays with these songs and milk that shit how Gaga is. And do it across Europe too. Nobody in America cares about this ho, but we do.


  1. PRAISE!! J




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