New music: Britney Spears - Till the world ends

Femme fetale could end up being one of Britney's hottest albums if some of these clips are anything to go by. But for me it's already the album with the weakest lead singles. "Hold it against me" already has a fork it in as far as I'm concerned, and this Ke$ha penned garbage is just, well...garbage. I hate this song. It's bog standard and generic. What's the world coming to when Britney is getting scraps of chicken feed from Ke$ha!?

Listen: Till the world ends

Femme fetale
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This sounds like every other song on radio. At least "Hold it against me" had something about it production wise which made it stand out from everything else. "Till the world ends" sounds like everything else everybody is putting out right now, and the hook sounds like a badly recorded chant from a football match. There are just too many sections of the song where there are no vocals from Britney at all; on the hook of all sections! So once again, you hit that point where you forget this song is even Britney's. And if this doesn't have you forget, then the whole thing sounding like a Ke$ha record and that the glitter infested ho would have done this song better herself also does Britney no favours.

Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Billboard have once again delivered another ridiculously club ready song, but at the expense of listeners forgetting that the song is Britney's, because her presence on it just isn't felt for enough of it. Due credit to Britney, she rides the verses nicely and actually gives more than she did on "Hold it against me". But having her not sing / blow kisses / moan / do anything for the majority of the hook was a bad move.


  1. Keep on dancing till the world ends?

    How about we start with your music video first? One step at a time.


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