New music: Capsule - Prime time

Capsule are set to get club goers and Shibuya-kei lovers on their feet again with their upcoming 12th studio album. And they're giving fans a nice sample of things to come with its lead single "Prime time".

Listen: Prime time

Capsule's 12th studio album
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The rave sections of the song make me want to bang my head against a wall. But I dig the more melodic segments where everything takes a Perfume-style turn.

If "Prime time" is any indication of what Capsule's 12th studio album will sound like, then it's probably going to end up sounding a heck of a lot like their last album Player. Potential good news for those who liked that album. One to miss for those who hated it.

The release of Capsule 12th studio album has been postponed due to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami which has affected absolutely every facet of Japan. The album was titled Killer wave way before the natural disasters shook the country. Although in lieu of the tsunami, this will most certainly end up changing. Ain't no way in hell that a record label would let an album slip out with a title baring such connotations.


  1. MOre More More was a good album in its entirety. Player was not. Haven't heard this song yet and can't hear it from my phone but it's now something to look forward to.

  2. This song makes me want to rip my eyes out a club with a few drinks, I could get into it.

  3. The start was amazing, beastly :D it's a good song. Can't believe they're on their 12th album and i've never listened to them >_<

    P.S Just read that the album was gonna be called "Killer Wave"... X_X

  4. Finally a good song from your blog after the couple of hot messes you were featuring.

  5. You can find the rest of the album on Youtube already.~ To be completely honest, Prime Time is my least favorite. :C My favorites are probably WHAT iS LOVE, I CAN'T SAY I LIKE YOU, and WORLD OF FANTASY. <333

  6. The first time I heard PRIME TIME I thought it was pretty nasty but I've reached the point where I've stated listening to it at least ten times a day which is really not a good thing. I just love it too much. ;__;


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