New music: Jennifer Lopez - Invading my mind

Jennifer Lopez has finally managed to hack her way back onto the world's radar, and she's not letting her battleship sink for a second. Fresh off of the success of "On the floor" comes the RedOne follow up: "Invading my mind".

Listen: Invading my mind

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The song was written by Lady Gaga. Of course word is already abound that Lady Gaga wrote the song for Jennifer Lopez. But we know how Jenny rolls. Home girl is like that one person at the party who hovers over the food table when everybody else already ravaged that shit 4 hours ago and there's nothing but a piece of chicken and a leaf of rocket left. The chick loves herself a left over. And "Invading my mind" is probably a left over joint from Lady Gaga's The Fame / The fame monster sessions.

This version sounds a little unfinished, but I do like it. The hook is pretty killer. I think it's a much better song than "On the floor". But RedOne's production's are so samey. And everything he's done for Jennifer Lopez so far has sounded like the shit Kat DeLuna recorded before she got told: "Bitch. Jennifer is back. That Latina spot has been filled. She'll be taking them songs. We've left your shit in a box by the door, and if you don't move that car within 30 minutes, we gon' git it towed".

I know that urban doesn't sell for shit these days. But I still want that "Good hit" in my life. ♪ Don'chooo want me ta have yo' babies. Don'chooo wish I was yo' boo!! ♪ Shit's a classic. Drop it. Drop it NOW!


  1. I am seriously loving this girls eye makeup lol :)

  2. The dead moths caught in her eye lashes do look rather lovely *rolls eyes*

  3. That image would be so much better without ten tons of jewry, otherwise it's great.

    This song is hot, and please we all know that these "song writers" like Gaga just give tracks they don't use away, it's the same as Britney "Writing" for BoA lol

    The song is hot though, it's funny that JLO is getting Gaga's leftovers and they're still comming out hotter than Gaga's shit lol
    Glad JLO is back, you know Janet is praying for some of that. #NoShade

  4. Gah I hate this song, JLO can go suck it.

  5. Random J said...
    The dead moths caught in her eye lashes do look rather lovely *rolls eyes*

    Man you just don't understand fashion, LOL.


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