New music: Kelly Rowland featuring Lil' Wayne - Motivation

Kelly Rowland has no idea what bandwagon she wants to ride on. After dropping a couple of euro dance numbers, a pop record and a pop tinged R&B record, Kelly's now presenting us with an R&B single. Is the bitch crazy!? The R&B bandwagon is in flames behind that 7-eleven LaTavia works at. And if Kelly thinks she can bring it back and put it back on the road, then she's smoking that same crack Whitney was on. I'd be a bit nicer about Kelly's effort for the cause was good. But this song was a flop from the day she opened her mouth to sing it in the studio. And Lil' Wayne does not help matters. His rap is just plain awful, and he sounds like her arched over picking up soap.

Listen: Motivation (Tagged)

Kelly Rowland's third studio album
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The only thing this song gave me the motivation to do was turn it off. This has to be one of the most boring tracks to come from Kelly's it's-already-shelved-girl-give-it-up third studio album thus far. If she wanted to put Lil' Wayne on a joint, she should've slung his Goblin arse on "Smooches"; which despite being garbage, was better than this snoozefest of a song. How many flops is Kelly going to let Rico Love write for her until she realizes she needs to keep it moving with somebody else? Yes Kelly, we all know he wrote "Sweet dreams" for your home girl B. But that was BeyoncĂ©: the only chick in the game who can take a Sean 'Hear a smash on the radio, bet that's another female's career hitting the lampost' Garrett song and not have it derail her career.

I love Kelly, perhaps even more so than the Beyondroid. But this girl will be old, decrepit and dead before she gets her third studio album out. The only song she dropped which could have been a worldwide smash hit was "Commander". And the lack of promotion for that song, along with its horrid video scuppered those chances. If Kelly does not get her shit together, then it really will be over for her career. And she'll be on her knees sucking on Mathew Knowles' dick in the hopes he'll raise his pimp hand to BeyoncĂ© and force her back into a Destiny's Child reunion.


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