New music: Kelly Rowland - I'm dat chick

Fans caught a short ear full of "I'm dat chick" at a couple of gigs Kelly did last year. But now we have the song in full. "I'm da chick" is produced by Tricky Stewart, features the pen game of Ester Dean and sounds like something intended for Christina Aguilera's record breaking flop Bionic.

Listen: I'm dat chick

Kelly Rowland's 3rd studio album which-won't-ever-see-the-light-of-day
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What the hell is this garbage!? I'm not sure which I dislike more: this or "Motivation". It's not the kind of song I'd play with any form of regularity because the whole thing is so monotonous and boring, much like most of what we've heard from Kelly Rowland as of late. "I'm da chick" is no "Smooches". I know that song is some garbage, but it's garbage I roll shotgun with.

I do have to wonder if Kelly knows exactly what type of album she wants to put out, because the only consistent thing with all of these songs we've heard from Kelly so far is that she's singing on all of the songs. None of what has leaked from this never-gonna-get-a-release project would sit together well on an album. Somebody needs to just scrap everything concerning this project and start afresh with a clear plan. Because whatever the plan was from the start (if there ever was one) isn't working. Because if it were, Kelly would have caught a hit since "When love takes over" and the album would be out already. My advice to Kelly is to drop a mini album. Give fans something official they can get a hold, and use it to gauge reactions which can steer the full length release.

If home girl doesn't do something she'll soon be appearing on Celebrity apprentice; going up against Ciara and Lala to see who can win that spot as a drive-thru window night shifter at Wendy's.


  1. If Kelly was a Jpop or Kpop singer she would be those ex group members that flop after they disband and become fixture on variety shows and random mcing.

    I want to root for her but to be honest I haven't got even a handful of songs she has done that repeat over and over again. This song is horrible.

  2. @Anonymous, "If Kelly was a Jpop or Kpop singer she would be those ex group members that flop after they disband and become fixture on variety shows and random mcing." < AKA Alesha Dixon in the UK lol

    This song sounds like a ripped off wannabe gangsta version of Keri Hilson's "Pretty girl rock" SMH, i havn't even listened to "Motivation" yet...

    This album has to be the worst handled ever i mean... It's fxcked before it's even been put on CD lol X_X
    I agree with @?/J that she needs to put out a mini album and before that she needs to decide if she's gonna be pop or urban and STICK TO IT.
    All these song leaks are a joke, she'd have more luck keeping shxt under wraps if she put it in the Blackground vault right next to JoJo's lol

    P.P.S "BIONIC" isn't a flop, it's an underground masterpiece ;) lol


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