New music: MiChi - One

In lieu of the tragedies happening over in Japan, MiChi leaked a previously unreleased song to "give everyone even a little bit of positive energy". The song is titled "One" and in true MiChi style the song is hot. And also true to her word, the song evokes a real sense of serenity and positivity, which I'm sure everybody could do with right now. Whether you're a fan of MiChi, good music, or a good cause; be sure to check this out.

Listen: One

© 2011 Sony music entertainment Japan

I'm absolutely loving this. But then again, I love everything MiChi does. This was the first song I listened to today and it was the perfect choice to kick start the day.

It's a shame that Sony didn't release this as a download single and have all of the proceeds go to a foundation to help those affected by the earthquakes and tsunami's in Japan. But MiChi leaked this so spontaneously that I doubt Sony had any say in the matter or saw it coming.


  1. amazing song everytime i hear michi sing i long for the day she does a tune with crystal kay(wear she at these days)....

  2. I hardly ever listen to Michi and usually when you post on her i just pass on it but this time i checked it and that is a cute song, sounds like something Crystal Kay would be great on as a duet or something.

    I was wondering about the stuff going on in Japan, it would be amazing if Crystal, Ayu, Kumi, Namie etc all got together and did a song to raise money or something.


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