New music: Namie Amuro featuring Tomohisa Yamashita - Unusual

Crystal cut a couple of songs with KAT-TUN front man Jin Akanishi and it did nothing for her. Namie settles for second best with his best friend: Yamapee-pee. Crystal recorded the better songs and got the best Johnny's boy. But Namie's signed to Avex, so Namie wins. Checkmate!

Listen: Unusual

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When this song started, I got up out of my seat because the beat commanded me to. It let me know shit was about to go DOWN!! Namie set it off, delivering vocals like she wanted somebody to check on that vagina, and then I started to work a shoulder. Then Yamapoo-poo opened his mouth and the song collapsed like a house of cards. I cannot stand Yamapi's voice. He has the worst voice in NewS. The absolute worst! He sounds like a f**king foghorn. Had Namie cut this song with Jin Akanishi, it would have been a different story. Because that dude can actually sing and has been about the sex from day one. Whenever Yamashita tries to get his sexy swag on, it feels forced. I can believe Jin has f**ked around and dumped some bitches. I just can't believe Yamashita has. He has the better body (he flaunts it freely in Buzzer beat for those who wanna see it). But Jin looks like he'd know how to put that stank down on you before you even realize you want it. Namie should've hollered. She would have gotten a better song and some break off.


  1. that breakdown at 2:35 has me hoping she'll make a vid for this and kill the choreo! not too bad tho. namie's been growing on me lately and i'm excited to see what checkmate is all about!

  2. UGH... Thanks for reminding me of the wasted hotness that was "Helpless Night" on Crystal's best of album, how the fxck did they not release any singles from the new tracks on that?
    Those tracks were hot as FXCK OMG ~_~

    Before i go into a "CK needs to empty her 1 draw at Sony Music Entertainment Japan" and run across the street to Avex i need to move on... lol

    Anyway this song is hot, well Namie's part is anyway lol I wanna know how Namie is on Avex but manages to only drop an album every couple of years (which seems to keep her sales up) while other bxtches are pushing an album out every 12 months (or 6 in Ayu's case)?!


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