New music: Verbal featuring Namie Amuro & Lil' Wayne - Black out

Now presenting, Verbal's Namie Amuro and Lil' Wayne assisted single "Black out". Avex and Verbal are crazy for not pushing this song in the West, because this would get lapped up. Especially on UK radio. I'm loving this song. Check it out.

Listen: Black out

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I'm not a huge fan of Lil' Wayne, but this song becomes a big deal as soon as he starts rapping. His flow is insane and the way the beat switches up during it just adds another layer of awesome. I wasn't sold on Namie at first and questioned whether another artist would have suited "Black out" better. But I love what Namie brings towards the tail end of the song, and now feel the song works well with her. Although I do have a version of this song in my head which features Crystal Kay instead of her, and it don't sound half bad.

The video to this song has already been shot, but due to the situation in Japan there is no word on when the video will release. And as a result of the going's on in Japan a whole bunch of album releases including Namie's Checkmate! on which "Black out" also features have been pushed back.


  1. Totally agree, if this came on in a club in LDN people would lose thei shit, I know i'd be shocking out :P

  2. I find it kinda interesting how Avex is letting more of Namie's REAL voice get out. Her voice is so edited in songs that it sounds really different from her voice in lives.

    As for the song. It's hot, but Namie's relegated to only really doing the chorus, and I HATE Verbal's verse. It sucks. HARD. Weezy sound nice, and the music is hot. If only Namie could speak better English, she'd be GIGANTIC over here in America.

  3. I love verbal and namie, but I hate how Lil Wayne managed to overshadow them here! I despise Lil Wayne; I think his lyrics are weak on almost all of his songs. I don't understand why verbal didn't appear in the song more. Also, I wish Namie wasn't regulated to the chorus. Surprisingly, This song left me wanting more. I usually think anything verbal/ m-flo is a part of drags on for too long. Still a hot song that I could picture coming on at the club.

  4. I think if Verbal tried out the Western market he could make strides. From the song I am assuming he knows English if not then scratch the whole plan but if he does he has the Tokyo hip fashion that rappers and hip pop artist openly copy and adore especially Pharrel and he has a kinda indie rap feel to him which is big now. But this dude is filthy rich selling his huge chains and accessory which are really big in men's fashion in Japan.

    here is a great article on his style and his hot wife

  5. @ Anonymous:
    Verbal is fluent in English.

    He is probably the one artist in Japan with the biggest shot at making a name for himself in the West - because he has already affiliated himself with big US names for his Japanese ventures. I mean c'mon now... Beastie boyz, The Neptunes, Daft Punk, Kanye West and Just Blaze for a Teriyaki boyz album!? And then Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri and 3 of the biggest names in Young money for his debut?

    Verbal is smart and business savvy. So I guess he has his own reasons for not wanting to go full throttle with a career in the West. Watching the level of failure huge stars like Hikaru Utada and BoA encountered 'cracking the US market' probably put most artists in Japan off of trying it.

    Thanks for the article too :) T'was indeed a great article. I had no idea Verbal was married! *lol*

  6. This song is the best one I've heard so far from this album although it could have been fleshed out a little more. I would've like to hear more of Namie too. Could definately see this being played in clubs.

  7. Ok wow i love this! Usually i'm not a fan of Verbals stuff but this is HOT.
    Namie sounds amazing, she just has that something that makes anything she says/sings hot and verbals verse was the best for me he went IN :D
    I usually can't stand Lil Wayne either and agree with @Melvin R, his lyrics are shit and i blame him for the lyrical downfall of rap by saturating us with his BS and other artists who can't string a coherant sentence together like Nicki Garbaj... but whatever i can take it here i guess, this is hot shit and if it came on in a club you know i'd be all over it like Kumi in Ayu's closet. lol

  8. @ThatBoyLuke YES!!! I've been saying that for the longest. Ugh his mother goose rhymes piss me off. Today's rap is shit! The only modern day rappers that I can tolerate are J.Cole, Lupe, and Kanye. Drake's alright, but I prefer his mixtapes to his newer stuff. It's like he downgraded when he signed to young money.

  9. @Melvin R, YES thank god i finally found somebody else that agrees lol
    the whole of young money are shit IMO (though i never listened to Drake before then), the only modern US rappers i can think of that i like are Kanye, Lupe & Eminem.

  10. @ThatBoyLuke ha ha I thought I was alone too. Everyone that I talk to think that Lil Wayne is the best rapper in the game right now, well second only to kanye. He can't rap more than two lines about the same subject, and even his rhymes are weak and unoriginal. He's not a lyricist, which is probably why I destest him so much. All Lil Wayne did was pave the way for rap artists gone pop like gucci mane, soulja boy, and wiz khalifa. And Nicki Minaj? That's another subject entirely. The only reason she's successful is because currently she is the only female "rapper" (I use the term loosely) in the game. Also, the fact that she is good looking helps too. Although, personally, I don't find her attractive. I don't know why, but I never liked his music. I can't really pin point what it is though. He's one of the few rappers who's songs have meaning, but I find him annoying. But I digress. This isn't a rap blog after all.


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