New music: Beyoncé - Run the world (Girls)

The Beyondroid has shot a USB key out of her vagina which contains data that is none other than her lead single from her long awaited forth studio album. And d'ya know what? I don't think I like it. Not even a little bit. I tried to give a ho chance and held off of posting this when the song first leaked, because everybody was going on about how the final version would sound different. But having heard the final version, ain't a damn thing changed about how I feel about this mess of a song.

Beyoncé did to Diplo and Switch's beat what Tina Knowles does to clothes. F**ked shit up.

Listen: Run the world (Girls)

Beyoncé's fourth studio album
© 2011 Columbia records, Sony BMG music entertainment

As with most of Beyoncé's big club bangers, her vocals are the only thing which just about keep things afloat, as she adds a sense of melody to what it essentially just noise. But it's still trash no matter what way you look at it. Let's break it down as to why this might just be one of the Beyondroid's worst singles. Worser than "Video phone" and "Diva". I'm aware 'worser' is not a real word. But I just used it in a Beyoncé post, so it's real now.

1) There is no real sense of growth or a sense of yearning for the Beyondroid to try something new. This could easily have been recorded for B'Day, I am...Sasha Fierce or Destiny's Child's Survivor. Chances are you could name a song off of all three of those albums that "Run the world (Girls)" reminds you of. How many of these kick heavy female empowerment kiss-off anthems is this amazonian robot going to drop?!

2) Beyoncé spoke about making a new genre of music with her fourth studio album. Yet her lead single is just her screaming over the instrumental of somebody else's song. Way to bring that new genre of music.

3) Beyoncé doesn't matter on this song. "Crazy in love" and "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" could not have worked had anybody else sang them. But "Run the world (Girls)" see's Beyoncé fall into a wig pile of irrelevance. Sure, this will get me moving in a club. But of course it would, because the awesome beat from Major Lazer's "Pon de floor" drives the whole thing! It wouldn't matter if a DJ was spinning the instrumental or a mash-up with Kim Kardashian's "Jam" - you'd would still get crunk to it because the beat commands you to and nothing else.

4) The hook is weaker than the threads which were holding together Tina and Mathew's marriage since he f**ked that woman at Xerox and got her pregnant over 12 years ago. It feels so non-existent that you wonder if the song even has one.

5) The song structure is a mess. Every time I listen to this song I'm struggling to remember or recall what Beyoncé had even sung. Her flow changes so much throughout the song that it just offsets any sense of rhythm. Team this with the awful songwriting (which we can thank The Dream for) and you have a song which just isn't memorable from a lyrical standpoint. Sure, Femme fatale was elementary in terms of its lyrical content. But I could remember huge chunks of the lyrics to the songs after 1 or 2 listens. Beyoncé needs to know when to let the right people handle that business when it comes to the songwriting. But of course that would mean admitting that doesn't write all of her own material, and a bitch can't have that. I'm willing to let her take credit for this though. Because it's the kind of nonsense she'd write and think is the best anthem in every solar system with a mass relay. Yes. I took it to Mass effect.

"Video phone" is a masterpiece compared to this shit. An actual masterpiece. This may grow on me once the video drops. But Beyoncé is going to have to come overly correct with the video and give me some of the best weave thrashing, pussy popping and cinematography that Columbia records money can buy. Otherwise she can go chew on a wig.

This single leaves me with no hope that Beyoncé will come correct with this album. None. She needs to drop a second single like yesterday.


  1. This single was so bad......though you summed what I thought safe this song is not going to grow on me cuz its that bad and cringe worthy

    I hate when she says
    "We run this motha" -ghetto scream

    As far as Canada is going I just checked my Itunes and this song is at number 15, all of RiRi singles so far have shot to number one..though Adele is killing it here(plz review)

    Maybe her leaving her dad caused this..

  2. Couldn't even finish this garbage. Shittiest single she's ever released? Terrible!

  3. I'm no fan of beyonce, and I find her songs annoying, but usually I can tolerate them. But not this song; It's complete shit, and I feel like calling it shit is glorifying it! I hope this song flops, so she can feel Kelly's pain for a change.

  4. Junlee said...
    Couldn't even finish this garbage. Shittiest single she's ever released? Terrible!

    ditto :(

  5. I also dont like the song at all and believe due o the word around that she doesn't even write her own songs that this is possibly the only song she had written - and it turned out bad - as it was to be expected from someone who does not really practiced to be a master of that.

    Anyway the whole persona left my interest when I found out back in the Destiny Child times that the woman was not about breaking Intra - Rascism - which she back then claimed to have faced by the Media questioning her narcisstic way of dealing with her girl group - which actually turned out to be a background singer band for B.

    Why she does not name it like it is - I don't understand.

    Same as she says she is a shy and humble person and turns around to do the total opposite in real life and her videos. Except for seeing herself far different from what ppl perceive of her.

    Weirdo babe with a lack of identiy realizsation.

    Another thing that disturbed me is that any critics - get turned down to ppl "hating" on her. Fans or non-fans have no allowence to critize the B - without getting turned down as jelous ppl who just want to bring the beauty in her down.

    It makes ppl think as if she is the only pretty artist in the world. And yet the most beautiful artist of all times. Why it is in the media very very common to mainly sell beautiful ppl as they appeal to teenagers the best. Almost all artist and actors are pretty attractive and B is not the only beautiful black women or woman we have.

    Yet she believes she is the only one who God gave us to admire - and no one can beat that. LOL.

    Sure most ppl are not real beautyful ppl and look great on any picture shot token in a studio or standing in front of a wall. However is it really so amazing that she is not unattractive and is she hence so amazingly beautyfull?

    Or is it just that other artist just dont only rely and identify critcs and social problems they have over their beauty and face the problems - like beeing accused of not beeing a songwriter - by the root - and admitting - that they might have just added a footnote to a song?



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