New music: Charice - Before it explodes

Charice's debut album was left flapping around on the floor like a dead goldfish in a HMV stockroom. But she managed to get some serious exposure since then as a result of appearing on Oprah and getting a gig on Glee. Sat what you will about Glee, but it's super popular right now. And if Charice ever needed a vehicle to take her music career to the next level, then she couldn't have found a better one than Glee. So I guess now's as good a time as any for her to drop a new single and a new album.

Listen: Before it explodes

Charice's 2nd studio album
© 2011 143 records / Warner Bros. records Inc., a Warner music group company

I do not like the verses on this song at all. But the chorus is insane! The beat, the lyrics, the vibe. The chorus is win and makes this song for me. I cannot believe this was written and produced by the same dudes responsible for the mess that was the Sugababes' "Get sexy".

Alexandra Burke had recorded "Before it explodes" with Bruno Mars a while back. But I prefer Charice's version a heck of a lot more. The production on the beat is tighter and Charice sings it better. (Bye Alexandra).

This seems like an odd choice for a single right now though. Given that we're heading into Spring and Summer, and every other chick eye balling the charts is going with something up-tempo and club ready. But this could be the very thing which goes in Charice's favour. And Bruno Mars being tied to the track as a songwriter is bound to help the success of this some-what.


  1. Charice has an amazing voice but maybe she's too nice to make it big in the US... i mean i can't imagine her sexing it up lol :P
    The song is good, sounds like something Jodin Sparks would do and the chorus sounds like Whitney Houston's "I have nothing".


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