New music: Jennifer Lopez - Papi

Another Jennifer Hopelez single produced by RedOne, which means another song which sounds like a Kat Deluna bonus track.

Listen: Papi

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When J.Ho's dropped albums in the past I'd hate myself for how much I'd like their lead singles. But I'm just not into her this era with all these Kat Deluna and RedOne left overs she keeps putting out. I miss that Jenny from the block chick who I was seeing and hearing in "Good hit" (a video which I'm sure is kicking it in a desktop folder along with that "Put it in a love song" video). But with the urban angle not really doing much for chicks right now, I guess it was only to be expected that J.Ho would want to go Euro dance style and have RedOne be the one to take her there.

Back in the day Jennifer seemed to have more of an idea of what worked for her. And all of these mis-timed releases, flop singles, that drop at the American music awards and that mess of a Brave album leading up to this point has just left me taking J.Ho even less seriously as an artist than before. Granted, she was never a true artist. But she sold her package better with her first couple of albums than she is now with Love?.

We'll see how the half of the album which hasn't already leaked sounds. It'd be nice to be surprised. But I can't see her topping J.Lo. That album got played for days. "I'm real", "Walking on sunshine", "We gotta talk", "That's the way" and "Dame (Touch me)" were my jams!


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