New music: Kat DeLuna - Drop it low

Has nobody told Kat DeLuna that Jennifer Lopez is back from maternity leave, so the temporary position of a Latina with club bangers in the bag can pack up and go home? I guess not. Because Kat is back with a new single "Drop it low".

Listen: Drop it low

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I feel for this broad. Because she brings some genuinely good joints to the table, yet has to sit back and watch other hoes piggyback off of what she'd done prior. Kat had a whole entire album produced by RedOne, steeped in his signature sound before Gaga was commanding people to "Just dance" and try and read her "Poker face". Yet Lady Gaga is the one everybody credits for ushering in that RedOne sound which is spreading throughout the charts like aural malaria. Kat was dropping Latin fused club bangers back when Jennifer was still recording Brave. Yet she manages to pretty much jack all of Kat's shit years later and revive her career with it. Kat must wanna cut a bitch. I don't know how she can't not want to.

This new song of Kat's is probably one of her worst. It has absolutely nothing on "In the end" (one of Kat's best songs in my opinion) and "Calling you" (which had the potential to be a worldwide smash!). But just watch how "Drop it low" manages to be a moderate hit for Kat. By moderate hit, I mean 78 plays on YouTube.


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