New music: Perfume - Laser beam

Perfume's recent string of singles have been doing it for me. These chicks are auto-tuned to the mainframe and back. Shoot...their shit may as well be sung by Miku Hatsune! But the electro synth king that is Nakata Yasutaka always comes correct with the production on Perfume's songs, and I just can't turn my back on the hotness. Their new single "Laser beam" sizzles. That is all.

Listen: Laser beam
Perfume's 3rd studio album
© 2011 Tokuma, Japan communications

This song was slated to release earlier in the year. But due to the Tōhoku earthquakes, the song was pushed back. This is bad news for the SNSD-bots. Girls' generation can holla at their "Mr. Taxi" to take them bitches home, because Perfume just snatched every single one of their hair pieces. Well, except for Sunny's. Because that bitch would rather die than let somebody snatch anything from her. She's like a Korean version of Rogue from the X-Men.

Call me crazy, but something about sections of "Laser beam" reminds me of a song from a Final Fantasy game. Notably those before IX.


  1. I love it, first I thought it sounded like their last single Voice, but since replaying over and over again, it is certainly unique and I can't wait for their dance. Which apparently has something to do with shooting lasers out their fingers

  2. Lagunas battle theme maybe? =S


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