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Beyoncé - 1 + 1 | New music

With "Run the world (Girls)" losing out to a Kelly Rowland single on the charts, Beyoncé is quickly trying to right a wrong by putting out a new song with the absolute quickness. "1 + 1" is a sappy love song. Produced by Tricky Stewart, co-written by The Dream, and reeking of Prince's Saturday night weave.

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1 + 1 equals twoooooooo!! ♪ Wow Beyoncé. It only took you 4 albums to figure that shit out!? Maybe next Beyoncé should make an attempt at English. Because I recall Algebra being a part of the mathematics syllabus at school, but I can't speak for Algeba. I was certain Beyoncé had stolen this song until she dropped that line right there. Bitch wrote this herself. Of this there is no doubt. The song should have just been called "S2up1d", because that's exactly what the lyrics to this song are. Daniel Julez could write a better and deeper song than this about a Buzz Lightyear toy. I can't believe this is the first track on her album. Bitch must have shuffled her tracklist in her weave and just submitted it for mastering.

So far I've heard 3 songs out of the 12 from 4, and I'm not impressed by any of them. Unless this woman seriously turns it out for this album, I can see it being yet another weak album from the Amazonion robot empress. She needs to pull something amazing out of her wig for the remaining 9 tracks. Seriously.


  1. LMFAOOO Algeba??? now I know she wrote this mess!!!

  2. When I heard the "Algebra" part on the The-Dream demo (I refused to listen to the Beyoncé version), I cringed. I was like, how hard would it have been to say calculus, or something else that's more difficult than algebra?

  3. LMFAO 1+1 isn't even algebra. It's simple math. That one line prevented me from taking this song seriously. My favorite part of the song is when she says "Algeba". I just rewind that part and laugh at the thought of how everyone was probably tongue kissing her ass and telling her how good these shit lyrics are.

  4. y'all it is not even that bad. i know i'm a stan, but i can call a spade a spade when i see one and i think she was just taking vocal liberties with the pronunciation. it's not the same in the dream demo (which i will never listen to again btw) so he wrote it as "algebra" and i'm SURE he would have corrected her if she consistently mispronounced it. don't wild out about it - none of this craziness was going on when spelled "tasty" as "tastey" in fergalicious!!!

  5. This song is a mess... it's sounds like a retarded math teachers wet dream.


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