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Beyoncé - Till the end of time | New music

"End of time" is Beyoncé doing Beyoncé. Loud. Lots of horns. Percussion. A bit of growling. Some screaming. And so many vocal layers that you wonder how the hell studio and recording engineers keep on top of this bitch when she puts it down.

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I like this song. It's a nice Summer cut and I love the Michael Jackson influences in the music which absolutely stink of "Wanna be startin' something". I don't love this song. But it does grow on me more with each listen.

Everybody seems to be on the consensus that this would have made a better lead single than "Run the world (Girls)", but I'm not so sure. If we're talking musical integrity, "Till the end of time" is the better song. But if we're looking at something to get people talking, have lovers and haters out in equal force, something to knock in the clubs and cut across pop and urban radio (as a lead Beyoncé single generally always does) then "Run the world (Girls)" is the better single choice. It's not the best choice, and I still can't stand the song. But it is the better choice.

Based on what we've heard so far and from taking a look at the album cover, this album is shaping up to be B'Day (part 2) which is by no means a good thing. Because that album was just a loud mess. I could deal with one album of that shit, but I can't deal with two. Not from the same woman.


  1. I'll listen later. But it's gotta be better than 1+1.

    *throws up a little*

  2. 1+1 is another piece of trash. "I don't know nothing about Algebra, but 1+1=2". Well the bitch is dumber than a sack of rocks, so we know she ain't lying.
    End of Time is better than hoes run the world, but to me it seems as though Beyonce is running out of steal that is.

  3. i really enjoy this track! it's catchy and a different sound for know the untagged version is out too J. that tag is the most annoying thing i've ever heard. :)

  4. uh? what was that? This sounds like a remix more than anything. The song sounds like someone else's song that she was featured on and the piece has no structure either. It's just like words strung together. While this is easier to listen to than run the world, the "for internal use only" line should have been kept a beginning of the song only. Why was that played through the whole song it doesn't add anything at all.


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