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With a new album on the horizon which may actually get a release, JoJo is prepping her lead single "The other chick". In true JoJo lead single fashion, this shit is about some no good n***a who played her. It's like "Leave (Get out)" and "Too little, too late", except brighter chord progressions and JoJo exuding a kiss off attitude we can actually believe. After all, it was hard to buy into a 14 year old singing at a dude to get out of her house when she's not even old enough to have her own crib. That said, "Leave (Get out)" is still a jam.

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Jumping trains
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The song has split many down the middle whether this makes for a good lead single or not. I think it could go either way. Bumping up the BPM and making the whole thing a little more guitar ridden would give it more oomph and have it teeter into anthem territory that Max Martin and Dr. Luke have been owning ground with as of late. But the song as it is has enough going on for it that it could be a hit. I listen to the song and I can imagine it topping charts and getting lots of radio play, because it's the type of song which could.

I would have loved for JoJo to have dropped "In the dark" as her official lead single, because that song was just everything. Or even "Running on empty" and "Pretty please" - both of which were songs too good to just be shoved on a mixtape. But what's done is done. "The other chick" has the same pop appeal "Leave (Get out)" and "Too little, too late" had, so it's understandable why it was made a single as not to completely alienate her fanbase. Although this same fanbase dug the hell out of her mixtape and were digging the JoJo they heard back then...

All in all I really like the song. I love the 80's vibe. And vocally JoJo comes correct as she always does.


  1. I can picture this fitting right in with everything else that is on the radio right now. With the right promotion this could definitely work wonders for her. It's good to see a singer with actual VOCAL talent make a return to the game.

  2. WORK! JoJo is a beast i love her, Blackground better be shelling out for a hot vid for this. JoJo always slays with the lead singles i just hope they get it together for the 2nd etc because how "How to touch a girl" got picked over... any other song on "The high road" is a mystery to me O_o i still play that album to this day, JoJo deserves so much success so fingers crossed for her, i love this song :D


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