New music: Jordin Sparks - I am woman

Jordin Sparks - I am woman | New music

Jordin Sparks is coming of age and shit. So I guess it was only to be expected that she'd drop a song declaring how she's a woman and all that jazz. Jordin has enlisted One Republic front man to produce her shit and both have clearly taken notes out of the amazonian android's book of make shit loud, sing about being a strong woman and shit and also scream so that everybody within a 3 block radius can hear you.

Listen: I am woman

Jordin's 3rd studio album
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Beyoncé dropped the bar so low for woman empowerment anthems with "Run the world (Girls)" and has that mess stuck in everybody's head, that you can't help but think "Wow. This reminds me of Beyonce's new single" which is in no way a good thing. And even though "Run the world (Girls)" is receiving the worst of receptions and is being bested by a Kelly Rowland single (which is when you know shit is bad), we all know who out of Beyoncé and Jordin is going to get the bigger hit.

I do like the song though. It's catchy, the production is hot, and frankly - it has everything going for it which "Run the world (Girls)" doesn't. Namely a song structure you can follow and a hook which doesn't suck the foot of a camel. And we can let Jordin off given that she's not really done a song like this before, where-as Beyoncé's done one too many.

Jordin will need to be willing to work heels, have enough weave on her head to give her a neck strain and have them legs opening and closing like automatic doors at a local Tesco to have this be a hit though. Because this is one of those songs which like "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" will need a really strong visual to truly help sell it and take it to the next level.


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