New music: Lady Gaga - The edge of glory

Lady Gaga - The edge of glory | New music

Lady Gaga is grindin'. Say what you will about this woman, but she keeps it MOVING! I think it's a shame she's pushing "Judas" aside so quickly, feelings on the song aside. If she keeps at this rate until the album drops, then she may as well just tweet a link to the bit torrent of her album on isohunt.

Listen: The edge of glory

Born this way
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Lady Gaga followed that text book on gay club anthems: page to page, cover to cover. All of Lady Gaga's song have gay club appeal, but this shit is for all intents and purposes for gay guys to just fist pump for 4 minutes straight - with a saxophone section at the middle where dudes can break the f**k down and have  a moment where there is some self declaration that Lady Gaga is in fact talking to them and just given all of the answers to life...and shit. Alternatively, the song sound like it could be the ending theme to Pretty woman and Top gun.

"The edge of glory" tows the same line as "Born this way" - in that, it works because Lady Gaga is doing something different from what she's done before and is giving a lot of herself introspectively from a lyrical standpoint. But potentially fails on the basis that the song does sound really generic and like something some gay icon of a diva has done before. Cher came to mind when I first heard this song. So with that said, if you liked "Born this way", you'll probably like this and wish she hadn't bothered with "I'm caught in a bad romance with the man who screwed over Jesus".


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